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 Forum Rules!!! (yay...)

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Forum Rules!!! (yay...) Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules!!! (yay...)   Forum Rules!!! (yay...) Icon_minitimeSun Feb 13, 2011 1:32 am

These are the basic ground rules of this forum.

1. NO cyber-bullying!
I hate bullies. Don't you? That's why we have this rule.

This includes:
1. Impersonation
2. Trolling
3. Threats
4. Stalking

2. NO porn!!!
I hate the teamlava forums cause it's full of that disgusting stuff. We DEFINITELY do NOT want porn here. NOTE that porn is an automatic 3 strikes!!!

3. PERSONAL INFORMATION is posted AT YOUR OWN RISK! Remember that passwords should NEVER be posted! We may decide to edit any posts that include personal info, directly or indirectly.

4. OFF-TOPIC Posts will not get you a strike, but any of your off-topic posts WILL be deleted.


Each time you break a rule, you get a strike on your account. The 1st strike is a warning, 2nd strike is one of the following punishments below, and the 3rd strike is a guaranteed permanent ban. Also, good behavior may result in a removal of a strike.

Consequences for Strike 2
1. Loss of any or every given privileges.
2. Temporary ban.
3. Serious Consequence.*

*NOTE: Serious consequences are special given consequences, which are made and decided on a case by case basis.

Ban Length Scale:

Minor ban: 3 day ban
Semi-Moderate ban: 2 week ban
Moderate ban: 1 month ban
Serious ban: 3 month ban
Major ban: Permanent ban (in serious cases, a 2nd strike is treated as a 3rd strike)

The moderators will patrol the forums at least twice a day. We may also patrol the forum during weekends. If you have a complaint about anybody who broke the rules, please PM ace, the main moderator of the forum; or Matt, the admin.
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Forum Rules!!! (yay...)
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